It isn’t every day that someone gives away a $5000 live seminar for free…

How To Snag The Recordings of the SuperSite Formula For Fraction of What Everyone Else Will Pay!

Boca Raton, FL –

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The excitement of the recent seminar has sent a lot of people into excitement.  But it’s also gotten a few people upset.

These are the people who either live overseas or have a conflict on that date.

The seminar is so important that “Ask” legend Ryan Levesque advised people that unless they were having a baby or getting married that weekend, they needed to attend.

But I recognize, in view of the number of inquiries I’ve received from all around the world there’s a demand for the recordings all around the world.

The live seminar is a $5000 value that I gave away FREE.

I did this to help a friend fill a hotel block.

But the recordings is where I make back my investment.  I’m flying out my video guy for 3 days and that adds up!

The price of the recordings when available will be $2497.  And they will be missing a significant part of Day 3.


(And that’s a bargain because you can dominate ANY niche using these techniques).

But since I’m being super generous, I’ll make you a deal on the recordings.

Since we are still uploading the recordings, you can have until Tuesday night to jump on board.

Just fill out the Paypal formula below.

I expect the recordings will be ready within about a week.

If you pre-pay in full, you get all the recordings at once.

You will get a payment receipt but that’s it.  When the recordings are ready, Sandra will contact you.

Grab them while you can at the cheapest price ever. Select either Credit Card or Pay Pal.

Note, these recordings are not for refunders. Simply put, all sales are final. No refunds for any reason.


By popular demand: You can now make payments on the recordings: