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How to Get Big Companies To Give you Large Sums of Money
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Harlan is setting the bar once again by defining what potential really exists within authority sites. I’m amazed by the evolution of the Dogington Post and the new initiatives under way on that site. He’s combined curated content and community in a way that very few marketers have been able to successfully accomplish. But even beyond that, he’s able to teach the what, why, and how he did it in an understandable way. Kudos, Harlan!

Keith Baxter

Hi Harlan,

Just wanted to thank you once again for putting on a most excellent webinar on the topic of Small Sites, Big Money.

I know some people may say that the process can’t be that simple; but I for one know it’s true.

You see, the reason why I decided to attend your webinar was because I had already been experimenting with some of the things you discussed. At first, I suspected that you were onto something similar to what I’ve been doing, but I wasn’t 100% sure. Heck, I didn’t even know if I’d learn anything new… but after listening closely, my suspicions were confirmed. You cracked the code!

Not only did you know what you were talking about… but you certainly knew way, way more.

See, I own a high traffic site that earns a decent amout with Adsense and CPM Banner ads. A few years ago I had an epiphany. I figured I could leverage the site’s traffic and earn more income by creating “Sponsor” pages for professionals in my niche. I also figured I could earn more by selling ads directly (as opposed to using Adsense and CPM ads).

After contacting a few companies in my niche, I wasn’t able to sell any ads. However, I did get in one company’s “radar”. As well, using traditional seo, I also landed a client for a “Sponsor” page who pays me a yearly recurring fee to this day.

And the company where I landed in their “radar”… well, they contacted me last year and offered me $600 just to write a couple of sentences about them on my home page.

So, I know what you taught works. But what I wanted to learn was how to take this to the next level and add a few more Zeroes to my bottom line.

Now I know. And you said it clearly… go after companies with DEEP Pockets – and take the money!

And that’s what I’m doing. So, God willing, that one piece of information I learned from you will help me churn out an additional 5-figures from my site before the year is out.

Thanks again. Excellent information, and well worth the investment.

Peace and God Bless,

– Jay Garces Jr

Ahoy! Massive Paydays Ahead

Listen up. Big companies want to give you money. Companies like Ford, Black & Decker, Nike, and many more.

Why would they give you money? Because you’re going to help them spread good word about their brand.

What kind of money will they give you? Four, five, and maybe six figures if you follow the steps I’m going to teach you.

First, let me be clear – there is nothing illegal or “black hat” about these strategies.

You don’t need to know any special techniques to put this into operation.

Here’s what you will need:

1. A fairly active website (A CPC site or Blog Curation site should be perfect) If you have a SuperSite this process is a slam-dunk.

2. An active Facebook page with good engagement.

3. The desire to make some good money.

Here’s what you won’t need:

1. Secret SEO Techniques

2. Expensive equipment

3. A million visitors to your site (a minute LOL!)

Big companies spend a fortune each year on Branding. You know they spend MILLIONS on 30 second Super Bowl commercials that do not get a single person to buy. The reason they do this is because they want to brand their products.

Big companies spend millions and millions each year on marketing. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, online, billboards, in store displays and much more.

They want their ads and banners on your websites.

And they will pay you big time.

Much more than AdSense. Much more than Amazon. Much more than anything.

In fact, five and six figure paydays could become a regular happening for you.

The company that put a big smile on my face wants to pay me again. And of course, I want more money than before.

Could you use a four or five figure payday?


Would my site qualify?

If you have a clean intelligent, website, with traffic and interaction, the answer is a likely YES! (Your site does not have to look like the DogingtonPost.)

My site is still growing, will this help me?

Just seeing this system will be the strongest motivation you’ll ever get. Once you have the roadmap you’ll understand how sites like Mashable and many others make money.

How Do I Know Companies Will Be Interested in Me?

Grab your hand and feel your pulse. Can you detect the beating? If your site has a pulse, they will want it.

How Long Does It Take To Make This Happen?

I got a commitment for money within 24 hours. I got a letter of agreement stating the terms in 48 hours. Your check comes in about 30 days.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Heck yes. Other people and companies promote you. Your list grows. You get easy automatic SEO boosts.

What Will My List Think?

They will think they died and went to heaven. You’ll be getting traffic from this project for years to come.

Come on Harlan, It Can’t Be This Easy!

It’s actually a pretty simple process. All it takes is a few calls and emails.

Is There A Catch?

Oh there is and it’s a big one. There is one thing you can do that will guarantee you never play with the big boys again. It’s totally not what you expect. But to these big companies it’s the kiss of death. And in a million years you’ll never guess it. But do this ONE THING and you’ll instantly be persona non-grata in the industry.

It’s a totally simple thing to avoid but you may accidentally do it if I don’t show you what it is.

Why Isn’t There A Guarantee On This Program?

Frankly what I’m going to show you could lead to the biggest pay days of your life. It’s now the single biggest way I’m going to make money with the DogingtonPost. If you know me, you know I always over-deliver. If you are suspicious of me, I suggest you let this opportunity pass you by. Just ask yourself the question, “What if he’s right?”

And check out the testimonials:

Harlan, this webinar was far beyond worth the time and money spent. This kind of
information that was given was worth thousands in terms of potential income by
just what was given in the webinar alone.

Thank you Harlan for opening the door to what it takes to “Get the Money”

Best regards,

The webinar was presented with a great visual mindmapping tool.
Seeing the whole concept then “drilling down” to the detail helped lock in
understanding how each step fits together.

If you’re a visual learner…this webinar can’t be beat…Harlan leaves nothing
out…worth every penny and more!

Paul Schmidt

I want to thank you for the great webinar on making big money with small sites. I
was blown away by the simplicity yet profitability of the method that you shared
with us.

The type of money that Harlan is describing that can be earned on a repeat basis
goes way beyond what anyone else is teaching. Maybe they know this inside secret
but they aren’t talking.

Many people have developed assets in their websites and Facebook pages but no
one has told them how to maximize their traffic and reader demographics like
Harlan teaches in this two hour course. If you have ever wanted to learn what
the “big players” in advertising and marketing know, you must attend this webinar.

It is worth every penny!

Dr. Chris Smith

Your “Small Site, Big Money” webinar was very informative.
I knew what you were explaining to be fact because I did work for the second
largest advertising company a one time.
You gave me a new perspective.
I really did not explore what you were presenting before I paid for the webinar.
Your webinars in the past have always delivered and this one did also.


Tyrone D. Talbert

Thank you for your marathon Webinar, Small Sites Big Money!

Wow, I got enormous value from it. I had no idea how to promote my blog site to the
“big companies” but your webinar showed me the steps in a logical “step by step”
method that is sure to work if I implement it as you’ve presented it. I love the Mind
Maps concept … such an easy way to present an idea.

As you know I’m some way off being ready to approach advertisers yet with my
Blog Curation site, which will no doubt be converted into
a “supersite” once I complete the Blog Curation modules and get the ROI needed
from this initial investment. However, I can certainly see that my niche, conservative
Christians, would be a very marketable demographic for the “big players” once I’ve
got the social reach required to attract them.

Thanks again for the webinar … always enjoyable and educational.

Best regards,

The webinar, Small Sites Big Money, was fantastic. You make it simple by
presenting in a logical, organized way that helps us understand. Before the
webinar I was aiming for making money by producing product. However, I realized
during the webinar that there are much bigger dollars in getting sponsors and
advertisers. I’m ready to refocus on producing amazing daily content so advertisers
are attracted to the sites and benefit from working with us.

Thank you Harlan. You always provide a fresh outlook that is inspiring and your
webinars are always amazing.

Roxanne Batson

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible amount of information you supplied
in your Small Sites, Big Money webinar. I can honestly say this was one of the most
complete instructions I have ever received in a single webinar… and it was explained
in language that even someone who does not have a lot of experience could easily
understand and implement.

Indeed, you gave so MUCH excellent information that I feel like I’m going to have to
listen to it at least a few times more to get everything out of the two hours+ that you
spent with us.

And holy, moly! Not a bit of fluff be seen anywhere! This information is worth WAY
more than what you charged for it.
I’m looking MOST forward to taking what you shared with us and building my
site(s) to the point where they are something the “Big Dogs” want to play with!
Thanks Tons,
Kae Harvey

I just wanted to say thanks for such a content-packed webinar tonight. Small Sites
Big Money is a brilliant concept, a true win-win-win for the sponsor, website,
and audience. As usual you present the ideas so clearly that they look almost too
simple. Surely something so lucrative could not be so straightforward and feasible!
And yet it really is. Bravo for such an eloquent idea…and for sharing it with the rest
of us. I am so excited to apply these ideas to my own site!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Harlan Kilstein spills the beans about monetizing your blog in a content-rich, two-
hour Webinar with content never shared before. He shows precisely how you can
generate significant income with your blog, easily, in any niche. Harlan reveals a
plan with remarkable 5-figure paydays and he shares his personal, step-by-step
blueprint in the best Webinar I ever attended about blogging (and I’ve been to my
fair share of blogging Webinars!). Harlan connects the dots about blogs and money.
This Webinar is priceless. –
Frances Flynn Thorsen, author and award winning blog coach (aka “Blogmother

This was a great presentation of how to deal with big biz. I was really glued to
the screen for the 2+ hours. My own background of selling capitol equipment and
computer peripherals to corporations made this whole presentation ring true. I
know now that with a lot of work my own supersite can be a super success.

Thanks Dr. Kilstein for all you do for us.


The information Harlan presented in the webinar clearly laid out a monetization
strategy that I never thought of before. Now I see that the revenue opportunities
are endless and potential advertisers don’t just have to be related to my niche. The
mind maps will let me follow a simple step by step plan to duplicate exactly what he
did. I just need a little more traffic to my site and I will be following in his footsteps.
Thanks again Harlan.

Doug Cortese

As a person with a full time hospital job, a hobby farm, a local booth where I sell
products and trying to build an online business, I sure don’t have time to waste. We
have all been on webinars where you leave trying to figure out what of value you
can take away from it. This was not the case with the Small Site Big Money webinar
from Harlan. It was worth the 2 hours to come away with new ideas and a roadmap
of how to move from a website to a web-based money-making business.

Cathy Schuttler

As a SuperSite Formula member, I truly value everything I learned & continue
to learn from Harlan Kilstein. What I highly appreciate the most is the fact that
every strategy that Harlan reveals is proven to work. In the Small Site Big Money
program, Dr. Harlan Kilstein holds nothing back in revealing hidden secrets on
how YOU CAN “Take The Money” from Big Companies again & again to earn you
continuous massive paydays.

Dr. Ricardo Lalama

I really appreciate last night’s webinar, and the lessons you shared with us. There
were so many nuggets of insider info I can’t count them all—things that will smooth
the way for me and make me sound (and be) much more savvy when my site gets
large enough. You know, it isn’t just the facts, but how you share them that means
a lot. I’m glad you go slowly and build your case step-by-step when you do the
evening webinars, because I don’t have much brain power left after a long working
day. Your natural teacher-ness and no-nonsense approach really helps.

Thanks for keeping us in the forefront of your efforts. Because of work pressures I’m
mostly just listening right now, but (not to sound too sappy here) I really hope to
make you proud some day!

Your student,

I want to thank you for your teaching and your generosity of information. With what
you have shared in your training you have given me hope at really succeeding in my
dream, to have a business on line. I have struggled to find something that I can do on
the web for some time and you come along and I can now see myself in retirement
with a business that will give me and my family the freedom to enjoying life.
Thank you, it’s a pleasure to know you and I look forward to learning a lot more
from you.
Cheers BronwynK

The content you shared in your webinar, Small Sites Big Money, was laid out so
clearly. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how systematic and relatively easy it is
to go after BIG MONEY from BIG COMPANIES for niche websites that have the right
demographics to make a perfect match.

As with any project, 80% of the work is in the preparation and setup. Once you
deliver a great experience for a Big Company why would they not want to continue
to get great brand exposure via your website and related assets like your Facebook
fanpage, Twitter followers, email list and webinar series? It’s a no brainer.

Thanks for the eye-opening webinar to see it really is not that hard to TAKE THE

Naomi Monk

I almost forgot to write this testimonial; because I was so excited and motivated
after the webinar that I went right work.
So whether you ever have the opportunity to use this or not, I wanted you to have
my testimonial…because this session was incredible!

“Last night I was invited to a webinar and was promised that it would not be a
“pitch” session. Because it was being put on by Harlan, I had no reason to doubt that.
And the truth is that all of Harlan’s webinars are packed with content, but this one,
“Small Sites Big Money,” was a notch above and living up to its title!
In all the years of working on line I’ve never be given such a clear road map to the
money. I’m talking step-by-step, right down to the details.
As I listen it was like a fog had lifted…I mean wow… I could see the end game; what I
needed to do to get from here to money.
Bottom line…thank you Harlan, now I KNOW it can be done!”
Tom Renfro

I was overwhelmed by the webinar “Small Sites Big Money”! Who knew we “little
guys” can access the “big guys”. Thanks for the awesome information, Harlan.
I want to say again how much Harlan Kilstein is my favorite webinar presenter. He
is clear, concise and always delivers so much value.

Sharon W.

I’m going to walk you step by step through this model.

What Do I Get?

You get access to a two hour webinar recording.

You’ll also get a detailed collection of mindmaps for each stage of the game.

You’ll also get a transcript.

How much does it cost?

In you get the webinar, mindmaps, and transcript. ($197)

This is your way out of the buy a new product every week Internet Marketing game. You’ll be out of the sandbox and in to the big time.

You will be taken to the Registration Page Right After You Purchase. If You Have Any Problems Please Contact Sandra at or call 561-395-7400.

BASIC ($197)

The photos below are from Victoria Stillwell, television star of “It’s Me or the Dog!” endorsing our recent program. Her followers came and joined MY list!
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When addressing financial matters in this webinar, we’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately the SuperSite Formula, the Small Site Big Money Program and it’s ability to improve your business. However, there is no guarantee that you will get any results or earn any money using any of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations, and we do not believe in any “get rich schemes”. Nothing in this webinar is a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your level of success in attaining similar results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot and do not guarantee your success, income level, or ability to earn revenue. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. It should be clear to you that by law we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented on our Sites.