Some videos Paul has put together to ease you into some of the more technical aspects of running your website.

The goal here is ALWAYS to keep things as simple as possible and explain how and why we do things the way we do with DIVI for your Supersite.

WordFence setting to allow Viral Curation to Work

Quick yet necessary change to your WordPress site required to allow Viral Curation to do its thing unhindered.

Troubleshoot and setup your header correctly

Having issues with odd blank spaces?

Desktop looking good but Mobile…not so much?

The answers to your issues lie within this video.

Video was shot “as is” (i.e. I hit record and went for it…it’s a more “natural” way to discovering why DIVI is the way it is, and finding the best way to get amazing results for your header).

How to connect to your new email address

Not quite sure how to make the most of your new email address?

Wonder no more…the below video will take you through everything step by step.

Steps for ActiveCampaign offer

Quick video on the steps to follow and what to email to me.

MonsterInsights / Google Analytics Setup Steps

No idea how to setup Google Analytics on your Supersite?

This video is for you.